Garibaldi Neve Traverse

Beneath Garibaldi.JPG, originally uploaded by wild_nature_addict.

10:30pm – Left the Elfin Lakes Parking Lot with Sarah and Elizabeth.
12:00pm – Lost Sarah due to crazy blistering.
12:30am – Reached Paul’s Ridge.
1:00am – Ran into Doug, Graham and Rob who wanted to ski the McBRide Traverse in a weekend.
2:00am – Went to sleep at the Elfin Lakes hut. D, G and R kept skiing. Graham has fear in his eyes. “I am terrified!”, he says as he skis away.
4:22am – Matt Gunn woke us up at the cabin.
5:00am – Continued skiing around Garibaldi after a delicious breakfast.
9:30am – Saw strange lump in the middle of the glacier and debated whether it was a rock or not.
9:31am – Doug skis down over the horizon (from a solo of Garibaldi peak) and confirms that it is Graham asleep on the glacier. They bailed on the McBride at 7:00am.
11:00am – Doug, Graham and Rob join forces with us for the rest of the ski and our pace slows as we all begin to talk about our “blogs”. Elizabeth vows to never have a blog.
12:00pm-6:00pm – Every hour we stop for naps as we make our way down to Garibaldi Lake, skate along the lake and then “ski” out the access trail.
For more photos of this trip check out Garibaldi Neve Photos.

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  2. […] out Rob’s Photos Check out Nathan’s Trip Report and […]

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